Kennett's Win $4.195 million construction contract for the Mount Gambier Regional Airport Terminal Project

Kennett Pty Ltd, a specialist construction company, located in both Mount Gambier and Adelaide, has landed the $4.195 million construction contract for the Mount Gambier Regional Airport Terminal redevelopment.

In an announcement made by Acting CEO Jane Fetherstonhaugh, Kennett’s were identified as the preferred contractor through Council’s rigorous procurement evaluation process. Factors assessed include quotes and pricing, regional economic benefits and the ability to form a strong working relationship between Ashley Halliday Architects, Council and the team from Kennett’s.

Acting CEO Jane Fetherstonhaugh, Councillor Shirley Little (Member of the Mount Gambier Regional Airport Strategy Committee) and Airport Manager Ian Fritsch were on site to congratulate Carlin McNeil, Project Manager for Kennett Builders on their success.

“Through their tender submission, Kennett’s clearly demonstrated a clear understanding of the aspirational design and importance of the terminal build for the region and Council congratulate them on the successful outcome” said Mrs Fetherstonhaugh.

Councillor Little said “Coming out to the airport to meet with Carlin you can see how large the floor area of the terminal will be and what an improvement this will make for passengers and airport businesses. Council are very pleased with all contractors selected for this project and the working relationships formed between all parties”. 

Kennett Pty Ltd is a fourth-generation family-owned business that specialises in the delivery of award-winning projects up to the value of $50 million, in the leisure, commercial, industrial, retirement living/aged care, education, corporate, automotive, retail and government sectors. 

Kennett’s Industry Participation Plan demonstrated to Council that a partnership with Kennett’s will deliver broader economic benefits for the region. Use of regional labour and support services, sourcing of local goods and the use of regional based subcontractors, machinery and materials will provide economic input and employment for local businesses. Furthermore Kennett’s will only outsource beyond the region when a particular skillset is not available.

Economic modelling undertaken at the time of project planning for the Mount Gambier Regional Airport Upgrade indicated that the entire project, consisting of runway, apron, lighting and terminal,  would employ 72 people both directly and indirectly during the project period and a further 136 (directly and indirectly) after the project is completed.

With the contracts now signed Stage 1 of the terminal construction will begin in November 2019.

Jane Fetherstonhaugh said that the Mount Gambier Regional Airport is a once in a generation project, essential to the future economic and social development of the region. 

“Growth and investment is critical for the Limestone Coast. The existing airport has operational limitations due to runway and apron size and strength and building a new terminal will optimise travellers’ connection and experience with the Limestone Coast Region. Council aim to create a unique, intimate and memorable experience that makes people want to visit, re-visit and engage with the regions diverse environment, culture, and commerce.”

Presiding Member of the Mount Gambier Regional Airport Strategy Committee David Herbert welcomes the development.

“I wish to congratulate all Council staff and Elected Members involved with getting this project funded and off the ground. The airport upgrade will benefit people in the Mount Gambier area as well as the broader region” said Mr Herbert.  

The project is on track with a planned conclusion of December 2020.

Further information can be found at YourSayDCG

From left: Jane Fetherstonhaugh, ACEO, Ian Fritsch, Airport Manager, Carlin McNeil, Project Manager Kennett Builders, & Cr Shirley Little

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