Designated Informal Gathering

Informal gatherings are where Elected members, staff and other invited people may gather from time to time to discuss matters. Informal gatherings may be used to help Elected members to become better informed on issues or seek further clarification. Informal Gatherings are used to discuss matters of relevance but are not used for decision making. Decisions by Council can only be made at formal Meetings of Council.

From time to time an Informal Gathering may discuss matters that are, or are intended to later become part of an agenda for a formal Meeting of Council. In these cases the informal gathering will be open to the public unless it is determined to be held in confidence. These are known as Designated Informal Gatherings. Notifications of Designated Informal Gatherings is provided below.   

The procedural meeting requirements that apply to Meetings of Council do not apply to Informal Gatherings and hence there are no minutes or agendas provided.  

Council has adopted an Informal Gatherings Policy  which contains further information for reference.

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