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Senior Management

The Management Team, consisting of the Chief Executive Officer and Senior Managers formulates policy options, conducts strategic overviews and implements the decisions of Council.

The Management Team has the overall responsibility for the efficient and effective management of the operations and affairs of the Council and includes the execution of works and services, financial and budgetary control, planning, health, human services and statutory requirements.

Council has delegated various powers, duties and functions to the Management Team wherever possible to make administrative decisions on its behalf. This frees Elected Members to concentrate on policy issues.

The District Council of Grant has developed a Strategic Management Plan to implement and manage change within the Council. The Plan has a five year time frame with strategic priorities and will form the basis on which future Council actions and decisions are undertaken. It is further being developed to link with the Council's financial plan and annual budget process.

Political, social, economic and technological changes will be directed through the strategic planning process.

Each program has a clearly defined goal with objectives, strategies and actions. Regular progress reports to Council ensure that the plan maintains Council's mission which is: To provide a range of services which meet the physical, social and cultural needs of our community.

Contacts List

Smart, Trevor

Chief Executive Officer

Fetherstonhaugh, Jane

Director of Finance and Community Services

McEvoy, Leith

Director of Planning and Development

Storan, Rod

Development Manager

Schutz, Adrian

Works Manager

Stratton, Ken

Building Manager

Atwell, Michael

Saleyards Manager

Dodds, Nicole

Environmental Health Manager

Fritsch, Ian

Airport Manager

Tucker, Marianne

Manager of Organisational Development