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Things to See & Do

The local District attracts thousands of holiday makers every year.  This is largely to do with the wonderful sites and activities available throughout the District.  The region also boasts spectacular scenery, adventurous activities, walking trails and an abundance of flora and fauna.  Whether it's for a day trip or longer stay, there's always plenty to do and see in the District Council of Grant.  A selection of some of our great things to see and do are listed below.  Click on the links for further information.

Piccaninnie Ponds Karst Wetlands 

Located along the coast and reaching the Victorian border, this is an internationally recognised Ramsar Site.  The wetlands are a large reed swamp with subterranean springs which have the reputation of being one of Australia's best cave diving destinations.  The caves are sinkholes and require considerable skill to dive.  The main sinkhole, Piccaninnie Pond, can be dived, but a permit is required from National Parks and Wildlife Service in Mount Gambier.  Further information on Piccaninnie Ponds is available by clicking here.  

Cape Northumberland Park                                                                                          

Experience the magnificent rugged coastline, natural vegetation, historical lighthouse site and the fairy penguin colony at South Australia's most southerly point, the Cape Northumberland Heritage and Nature Park.

Cape Northumberland is the most southerly point of South Australia.  It is also one of the most spectacular locations to have an uninterrupted view of sunrise and sunset.  the Southern Ocean's unquestioned mood at this most southerly point creates a unique performance of natural beauty, as it washes against the mainland rock face while you view the sunrise or sunset for the day.

Little Penguins

Every evening around dusk, the Little Fairy Penguins march one by one to their well-protected home at Cape Northumberland.  The purpose built Penguin Viewing Platform provides the best views of the little penguins at dusk or dawn and maintains their natural habitat without any interference or disruption to the surrounding environment.

Ewen Ponds Conservation Park

Located 6 kilometres north-east of Port MacDonnell, this is an important and interesting wetland habitat characterised by dense stringybark, blackwood, Christmas bush and a range of interesting orchids.  It is also an area of sinkholes which are popular with divers.

Coastal Carvings

The Southern Ocean has been carving impressions for thousands of years where the water meets the mainland.  Rhino Rock is a result of this natural art; once a part of the mainland and now separated for eternity and resembling a Rhinoceros.

Little Blue Lake

While many visitors know of the magnificent Blue Lake, the Little Blue Lake is located not far from Mount Gambier and is one of the many waterholes which provide a 'window' into the underground water system and a cool swim for experienced swimmers. 

The Little Blue Lake is classified under the Cave Divers Association of Australia (CDAA) as a sinkhole and is restricted to divers who are current members of the CDAA and qualified as Deep Cavern Divers.

Mount Schank

Walk into a dormant volcano! Part of the Kanawinka Geopark; Australia’s only internationally recognised Geopark. There is a track which leads to the top and it is possible to descend into the crater of the dormant volcano. The Kanawinka Geotrail  will take you on a  journey through Australia's most extensive volcanic province, with explanation of over 60 sites in South East of  South Australia and South West Victoria offering a range of visitor experiences including beautiful waterfalls, caves and coastal formations including Mount Schank.


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