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Media 2013

23 August 2013

Category 3 Development - Von Duve

6 July 2011
Council is seeking comment regarding a Category 3 Development for a Cafe and Collectables for planning only. Comments are to be received at Council prior to Thursday 21st July 2011

Category 3 Development - Land Division

18 May 2007
Council is seeking comment regarding a Category 3 Development Application for a Land Division at Lot 794 in FP194596, Corner of Mt Percy Road & McKay Road, Compton. Comments are to be received prior to 5.00 pm Friday 8th June 2007.

Draft Animal Management Plan 2007

6 March 2007
The District Council of Grant has prepared a draft "Dog and Cat Management Plan 2007 - 2012" and is inviting comments from the public and interested organisations on the contents of the Plan.

Road (Opening and Closing) Act 1991

13 June 2006
Under the above act, Council proposes to make a Road Process Order to close a portion of Walters Road, Suttontown.

Draft Animal Management Plan 2006

5 April 2006
The District Council of Grant is seeking Expressions of Interest from the public on an Animal Management Plan Working Group to consider and review possible dog free locations within the Council area.

Category 2 Development Application - Miller

28 December 2005
Submissions regarding proposed dwelling extensions at lot 12, 2 Feast Street, Port MacDonnell, are required to be received in writing prior to 5.00 pm 17th January 2006.

Sutton Court Retirement Village, Port MacDonnell

14 November 2005
Council is currently accepting applications for agreement for Unit 1, Sutton Court Retirement Village, Port MacDonnell.

Development Application - Category 3 - Benjamin John Black

12 October 2005
Council is seeking comment regarding a Category 3 Development Application by Mr Benjamin John Black for a land division at Lot 12 in DP60086, Clarke Road & Caroline Headquarters Road, Yahl, Hundred of Caroline.

Development Application - Category 3 - Southern Soils Pty Ltd

27 October 2005
Council is seeking comment regarding a Category 3 Development Application by Southern Soils Pty Ltd for change of land use at Part Section 333, corner of Dismal Swamp Road and Riddoch Highway, Hundred of Mingbool.

Road Closure - Croyle Road

22 July 2005
Croyle Road adjacent the Mount Gambier and District Airport Wandilo and Suttontown. Written submissions must be received within 28 days from 21st July 2005 at the District Council of Grant.

Public Consultation - Draft Plan Amendment Reports

19 July 2005
The District Council of Grant has prepared two draft Plan Amendment Reports to amend the District Council of Grant's Development Plan as it affects Rural and Country Living and Country Township Expansion. Comments are to be received no later than 5.00 pm Friday 23rd September 2005.

Leasing of Airport Land

9 May 2005
Seeking expressions of interest for the lease or use of approximately 76.38 hectares adjacent to the Mount Gambier Airport.

Community Land Lease Agreement

3 May 2005
The public are invited to inspect and comment on any aspect of proposal by MR & EA Williams to lease portion of Community Land situated on Section 866 Elizabeth Street Port MacDonnell.

Category 3 Non-Complying Development Application - Chapman Herbert Architects

3 May 2005
Council has received an application for a Private Dwelling in a Private Industry Zone, Bishop Road/Casterton Road, Worrolong. Public comments are being received by 5pm on 19th May 2005.

Roads (Opening and Closing) Act 1991

22 July 2004
The District Council of Grant hereby gives notice of its intent to implement a Road Process Order for the following roads: - Portion of Public Road between Youngs Road and Stratmans Road, Eight Mile Creek; - Portion of Rocky Road between Sections 209 and 223, Mingbool; and - Portion of Prentices Lane between Sections 822 and 826, Hundred of MacDonnell.

Adoption of Valuation and Declaration of Rates

23 July 2004
Council at its meeting held on 19 July 2004 adopted for rating purposes the most recent valuations from the Valuer-General and declared all rates in respect of the financial year ending 30 June 2005.

Adoption of Generic Community Land Management Plans

9 June 2004

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