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Sutton Court Retirement Village, Port MacDonnell

Sutton Court Retirement Village, Port MacDonnell

14 November 2005

Council is currently accepting applications for agreement for Unit 1, Sutton Court Retirement Village, Port MacDonnell.





The Sutton Court Retirement Village has been established pursuant to the provisions of the Retirement Villages Act, 1987.

The complex has been developed to provide accommodation for retired persons and their spouses who have attained the age of 55 years and are retired from full employment.  The Council may consider admittance of other persons under certain circumstances.

Residents do not own the unit but a legal document in the form of a Housing Agreement sets out rights of occupancy and the amount to be repaid to the Resident when leaving the unit.



Pursuant to the Housing Agreement the Resident advances an interest free loan to the Council of the amount set out in the Agreement.

Upon termination of the Agreement voluntarily by the Resident or by death or because of a breach of the terms of the Contract, the Council will use its best endeavours to find another Resident for the unit, who will make a new loan to the Council.

Payment to the outgoing Resident will be of a sum being the total amount paid by the Resident less a contribution of two (2) percent per year or part thereof to a maximum of ten (10) percent of the original loan amount, within the time frames set out in the Residents Contract.

The provision of soft furnishings (ie. Carpets, curtains, blinds and light fittings) will be the responsibility of and remain the property of the Resident.  They (or their beneficiaries) may negotiate with future incoming Residents for purchase or remove them within a specified time.

The Agreement sets out the terms under which the Resident is entitled to occupy the Unit.

The Resident has the exclusive right to occupy the Unit and rights in common with other Residents to use any common facilities of the complex.

Residents may establish their own flower beds or vegetable gardens with permission of the Council but must maintain these themselves.  Council reserves the right to approve placement of gardens and shrubs.

The next "generation" of residents will be required to negotiate a loan amount with the Council, considering current valuations and costs of maintenance.



The Rules may be amended from time to time by the Council.  Residents are responsible for their own expenses for gas, electricity and telephones and should arrange insurance on their own furniture and effects. To read the Residence Rules click here.

The maintenance fee (set by the Council) covers:

  •         Insurance premiums for the Unit, interior fixtures and improvements;
  •         Rates and taxes; (other than Council raised rates)
  •         The cost of cleaning common areas;
  •         Repairs, maintenance, renovations, replacements, etc, to units;
  •         Garden expenses and lawn maintenance;
  •         Costs of administration;
  •         Painting and other surface treatments (both interior and exterior);
  •         Depreciation of plant and machinery
  •         Provision for contingencies and replacements; and
  •         Provision of amenities and services.

The maintenance fee may be altered by the Council on giving thirty days notice to the Residents.

Agreements are not transferable by Residents and may be terminated by the Council if the Resident breaches the Agreement or if (on the evidence of a doctor's certificate) the Resident is in need of full time nursing care or other supervision or control.



After signing the Agreement the Resident has a "Cooling Off" period of fifteen business days.

If the Resident elects during this period not to go ahead with occupancy of the Unit then all monies paid are refunded in full, less any government and bank charges.


Expressions of Interest will be received by Council up to Friday 16th December 2005.


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