District Council of Grant Launch New Care Package

21st April 2020
The District Council of Grant has launched some first actions as part of its DCG Care Package, developed to help address the impacts of COVID-19 on the local community.

Council will continue to progress and build more strategies into the package during the remainder of 2020 to help soften the economic and social effects of this crisis for residents and businesses in the district.

The initial DCG Care Package includes:

  • Establishment of a Business Liaison Team dedicated to connecting local businesses with government support and advice to help navigate this difficult time
  • Appointment of Council’s Team Leader Environment Health and Compliance to the position of Area Liaison Officer to coordinate the regional data and local compliance plans during this crisis
  • Initial allocation of Disaster Relief funding to the value $10,000 to be used in partnership with local support agencies to help families and individuals
  • Development of a flexible Rates Hardship arrangement
  • Prompt payment of creditors by Council (cash flow depending)
  • 90 day extension for all Sundry Debtors to Council
  • New protocols for the Mount Gambier and District Saleyards to ensure viability and continuation to support local meat producers
  • Support for cancelled events and the potential to reschedule events in the future
  • Click and Collect Library Services at the Port MacDonnell Community Complex
  • Operational changes to ensure the continuation of essential services such as banking at the Port MacDonnell Community Complex
  • Zero Head Tax for Regional Express Airlines for a period of 6 months to then be further reviewed
  • The Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chief Executive Officer now have the delegation to waive rent for all other commercial and community tenancies on a case by case basis, including airport tenancies.

Council will continue to reassess the situation and determine if any of the measures need to continue into the new financial year or if new measures need to be considered, balanced against Councils financial position.

Mayor Sage said the Council is acutely aware of the hardship and stress the pandemic has placed on our community of families, small business owners and wage earners and Council can make a difference.

“As a Council team we are looking at ways to balance cost pressures against service delivery whilst trying to ease the pressure on our ratepayers. As we work towards surviving this crisis as a united community with local government being part of your every day by working together, we will come out the other side stronger for the challenges we now face.  We are here to assist you where possible, and the establishment of this care package aims to do just that.”

Ratepayers experiencing hardship are urged to contact Councils Rates Officer, Liz McRostie, on 08 8721 0400 or by email at info@dcgrant.sa.gov.au for a confidential discussion or complete the online form on Councils Website at www.dcgrant.sa.gov.au/services/rates-and-property/covid-19-rates-hardship.

Council’s primary concern remains the health and welfare of all members of our community and our staff while we continue to deliver essential services. Please find out more about the DCG Care Package at yoursaydcg.com.au/covid-19.

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