Inverts / Driveways

The first entrance to any property is provided by Council, the second, or subsequent entrance will be at the landowners cost.

In the case of new allotments and subdivisions, the developer provides inverts and property access at their own cost.  Any additional inverts will be charged at actual cost for a standard 4 metre invert within a kerbed area.  Any other inverts or property access will be charged to the landowner at cost.

The location of entrance ways will be determined by the Works Manager having regard to the type of street/road, volume of traffic and general safety of the area.  Generally a maximum width of 6 metres is permitted (at the kerb line).  However, greater widths may be approved by the Works Manager and/or the Development Manager.  Where the entrance is on a Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure road, approval is be sought from that Department.

Council will investigate problems of any concealed driveways as we carry out major road works and will negotiate with landowner an appropriate method of solving the problem and a cost sharing arrangement.

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