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Sale Days

The Mount Gambier & District Saleyards Stock Sale is held on Wednesday of each week and commences at 8.00am during the summer period and 9.00am in winter.  Sale includes bulls, bullocks, yearlings and cows.  Bobby calves can be sold in each Agent’s sale.  Lambs and sheep are sold one hour after the completion of the cattle sale.

The current sale draw can be found here.

Store sales are held on the second Friday of each month, commencing at 10.00am.  EU (European Union) cattle can be sold at the store sale.

Video of the Saleyards courtesy of South Aussie with Cosi can be found here.

There are many benefits of selling livestock at the Mount Gambier and District Saleyards which include:

    • Member of ALMA (Australian Livestock Marketing Association)
    • Monthly store cattle market
    • Very strong buyer competition due to large stock numbers
    • Rubber matting in selling pens – reduces stress and sore feet
    • NLIS Scanning
    • Computerised weighbridge
    • Market reports from National Livestock Reporting Service
    • Many holding paddocks
    • Droving, feeding available (contact Saleyards Manager)
    • Avdata truck wash facility – operates on a cash basis
    • 196 Cattle selling pens
    • 334 Sheep selling pens
    • New receival / delivery covered pens, soft floor
    • EU eligible prime and store sales

Mount Gambier & District

Cnr Fairbanks Road

& Jubilee Highways

Glenburnie SA 5291

Stock Sale

Wednesday each week

Summer: starts at 8am

Winter: starts at 9am

Store Sales

Held on the 2nd Friday of each
month, commencing at 11am