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Rates - Valuation Objections

Every year the Valuer-General re-values every property in South Australia.  This determines the site value and capital value of your property.  These values are used to calculate the rates and taxes charged for each property.

All properties sold throughout the state are analysed to determine if there has been any movement in the property market over the year.  A database of all properties in the state is maintained from a range of sources - eg development approvals given by local councils and property inspection programs. This database includes information about: 

    • land use - eg residential, commercial or industrial 
    • physical details about the land - eg building size, construction and condition.

You may object to the Valuation referred to on your rate notice in writing,  and served personally or by post, to the Valuer General within 60 days after the date of service of your rate notice.  Further information may be obtained on the back of your rate notice.

Additional information on property valuations can be found by clicking here.


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