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The District Council of Grant is committed to engaging quality Contractors who have a sound understanding and commitment to Work Health Safety (WHS) as well as being competent providers of the goods and services they are contracted to provide.

The District Council of Grant has developed and maintains a Prequalified Contractor Register, to provide a pool of Contractors who can be engaged, and have the necessary experience and skill to perform the contract work safely.

Inclusion on the Prequalified Contractor Register will be contingent on the Contractor providing appropriate information which shall, as a minimum, include the following information:-

  • Proof of Public Liability Insurance Cover
  • Proof of current WorkCover Authority registration
  • Proof of Professional Indemnity coverage (where required)
  • Work Health and Safety Policy
  • Work Health and Safety Management System that includes:-
    • Identification of the person within the organisation who is responsible for Health, Safety and Welfare
    • System for Incident/Accident/Near Miss/Hazard Reporting
    • System for Hazard Management
    • System for the recording of employee licences and training
    • System for sub-contractor Management

Further information in relation to this information can be gained by clicking on the applicable link below.

Click here to access a copy of Council's Confined Space and Restricted Access Register.

Enquiries in relation to the District Council of Grant Prequalified Contractor Register, please contact Works Administration Officer, Melissa Mortensen on 8721 0444 or melissa.mortensen@dcgrant.sa.gov.au.




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