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Fire Permits & Restrictions

Residents are reminded that the FIRE DANGER SEASON is usually from 22nd November through to 30th April each year, although these dates may be varied according to seasonal conditions. Permits will not be issued for burning during these dates except in exceptional or emergency circumstances.

Any enquiries for permits during the above period should be referred to the Country Fire Services or Council who may authorise the issue of a permit. Any application to Council will not be authorised without consultation with the CFS Group Officer from the area concerned.

Click here to lodge an application for a Permit to Burn.

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Burning at times outside of the Fire Danger Season remains subject to restrictions under the Clear Air Regulations and therefore burning should only take place under the following circumstances:

  • When it is not a Fire Ban (total or partial)
  • Agricultural purposes (eg: cleaning of land)
  • Recreational purposes, including barbecues and picnics
  • Bushfire prevention
  • Instruction in Fire Fighting

The burning of wood treated with Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) or other chemical preservatives is strictly prohibited.

If you have any queries, please contact your local South Australian CFS Group Officer or Council on 8721 0444 or email your query to info@dcgrant.sa.gov.au.

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