Gas Fires or Electric Elements

Operation of Gas Fires or Electric Elements for Cooking Purposes on Days of Total Fire Ban

Pursuant to regulations under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, the District Council of Grant declares that persons may operate gas fires or electric elements for cooking purposes in the open air contrary to the terms of a total fire ban at the following places:

  • Pine Country Caravan Park, 2-16 Kilsby Road, Moorak;
  • Port MacDonnell Foreshore Tourist Park, 12 Eight Mile Creek Road, Port MacDonnell;
  • Foreshore Reserve from Hammonds Drain to the western end of Tenterden Reserve, Sea Parade, Port MacDonnell;
  • Lions Park Gazebo, corner of Sea Parade and Compton Street, Port MacDonnell;
  • Donovans Landing between the Boat Ramp and Boat Slipway, Dry Creek Road, Donovans;
  • Donovans Foreshore Reserve Gazebo, Lot 2 Dry Creek Road, Donovans;
  • Unger Recreation Reserve Gazebo, Hammer Parade, Blackfellows Caves;
  • Port MacDonnell Recreation Reserve, Elizabeth Street, Port MacDonnell, excluding areas designated as Cattle Reserve;
  • Kongorong Recreation Reserve, corner of Hay Terrace and School Road, Kongorong;
  • Tarpeena Recreation Reserve, Edward Street, Tarpeena;
  • Tarpeena Hall, 55 Riddoch Highway, Tarpeena;
  • Yahl Recreation Reserve and Yahl Soldiers Memorial Hall, 29 Yahl Hall Road, Yahl;
  • Carpenter Rocks Recreation Reserve Gazebo;
  • Donovans Recreation Reserve, 10 Adams Street, Donovans;
  • Wandilo Hall, 690 Wandilo Road, Wandilo;
  • Moorak Public Hall, 234 Moorak Hall Road, Moorak;
  • Glenburnie Hall, 17 Chambers Road, Glenburnie;
  • Mil-Lel Memorial Park and Hall, 62 Sherwin Road, Mil-Lel;
  • Kongorong Soldiers Memorial Hall, 2 Hay Terrace, Kongorong;
  • Port MacDonnell Community Hall, 51 Meylin Street, Port MacDonnell; and
  • Compton Soldiers Memorial Hall, 1 Compton Hall Road, Compton.

The District Council of Grant declares that the following locations have been excluded from this list due to location being considered high risk and inability to clearly define an area:

  • Carpenter Rocks Community Hall, 26-24 Carpenter Rocks Road, Carpenter Rocks;
  • Dry Creek Foreshore Reserve; and
  • Mount Schank Recreation Reserve.