Mount Gambier & District Saleyards Results

29th July 2020
The Mount Gambier and District Saleyards has retained its reputation as a premier livestock selling centre during the COVID-19 pandemic with a strong finish to the year.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer Jane Fetherstonhaugh said it’s a good news story for the agricultural sector during these difficult and uncertain times.

“Staff and Stock Agents have spent a significant amount of time in modifying practices and standards to not only meet but exceed the COVID-19 safety recommendations so that the saleyards can continue to run responsibly and effectively during the pandemic.  We are very encouraged with the sales results as it indicates industry confidence and trust in the facility and its staff.”  Over $17M worth of stock passed through the facility during March and the March store sale values doubled to $5M – a record for the yards.

Stock Agent Chair, Mr Sam O’Connor, applauded the excellent results which are a testament to the hard working saleyards team and dedicated selling agents who go above and beyond to make the saleyards a leading selling centre for the Green Triangle Region.

“With saleyard prices remaining at historically high levels, numbers have remained strong in recent times which provides confidence in this industry well into the future”

“Although overall numbers were slightly down for 2020 this was made up in stock value, with an increase of nearly $13M on last year’s figures and the average price per head of cattle increasing to $1,304, up from $1,095 last financial year.”

For the 2019-2020 financial year a total of 164 sales were held with close to 80,000 head of cattle and 110,000 sheep being sold, grossing more than $122M in total sales at the Mount Gambier and District Saleyards.

The Mount Gambier and District Saleyards Stock Sale is held on Wednesday of each week and commencing at 9.00am during the winter, with Store Sales being held on the second Friday of each month, commencing at 10.00am.

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