Overhanging Limbs

Council carries out a continuing maintenance program of trimming and shaping trees on roads and reserve areas.  If a resident has a need to have any street tree or reserve tree trimmed, then Council may undertake to trim specific trees on notification by the resident.

Landowners are required to keep trees growing on their properties trimmed and cleared back to the boundary fence to a minimum height of six metres or such other greater height as considered appropriate by Council.

Any landowner who has trees growing on their property with limbs overhanging a road, or if any tree is considered to be dangerous to road users, either now or in the future, Council will advise in writing of the required trimming.  In the event of non-compliance with Council's request, Council will arrange for the work to be done at the landowner's expense.

Disputes between neighbours regarding overhanging trees or limbs is a private issue between the landowners.  If you and your neighbour cannot reach a resolution, you can contact the Dispute Resolution Centre in Adelaide for assistance.