Safety and security at Mount Gambier Airport is our highest priority. In today’s current climate, airport security is of the utmost importance. There are a number of rules and regulations associated with air travel that must be adhered to, to enable all aircrews and passengers to fly safely.

All passengers, carry-on and checked baggage are subject to aviation security screening procedures as required by the Australian Government Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005.

Some items are classified as prohibited items, weapons and dangerous goods that cannot be carried on-board an aircraft. If you have any of these items in your carry-on baggage, you will need to surrender these at the screening point. Surrendered items are dealt with in accordance with the relevant state and territory legislation.

Prohibited items and weapons

Listed below are a few examples of items that are not allowed to be brought onto the aircraft in carry-on baggage. This is not a complete list of prohibited items. There may also be other things banned under other forms of legislation or through the Airline's prerogative to not carry them. If you are unsure about any such items, please check with your airline before you travel – or leave them at home.

These items include the following:

Letter openers, pointed metal scissors, manicure scissors, box cutters, knives, metal cutlery, pliers and wrenches, ski poles, baseball, softball and cricket bats, aerosol containers, screwdrivers, cable ties, handcuffs, hockey and lacrosse sticks, golf clubs, firearms, flares, and daggers.

A full list of prohibited items is available under the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005.

Dangerous goods are items or substances that when transported by aircraft are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment.Items of this nature include explosives, compressed gases, poisons, lithium batteries, radioactive materials, strong acids, aerosols and flammable liquids.

For further information on what can and cannot be taken in the aircraft, check out the following links:

Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s General Advice for Air Travellers

Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s Dangerous Goods app

ASIC cards

Mount Gambier Airport is categorised as a Security Controlled Airport under the Aviation Transport Security Act 2004 and Regulations 2005. Only persons with a lawful reason are to access the “Airside Area” of the Mount Gambier Airport and must display a valid Airport Security Identification Car (ASIC), at all times.

Inappropriate Jokes and Comments

Any comment made, even if in jest, regarding the possession or knowledge of possession of a weapon or explosive device will be taken seriously and may result in prosecution and/or refusal by the airline to carry you as a passenger.

Unattended Items

Baggage and personal items must not be left unattended at the Airport or in the terminal building for security and crime prevention reasons. Unattended items may be removed and quarantined for security reasons. Please ensure that all baggage has your name and home address details on the inside and your name and destination displayed on the outside. Airlines provide luggage tags at the check-in counters for this purpose