The Dog & Cat Management Act imposes penalties to encourage people to look after their dogs and prevent them from becoming a nuisance. Where an owner cannot or will not control a nuisance dog, Council may impose orders to require appropriate action by that owner. New dogs in the area are to be registered with Council by the age of three months old or within two weeks of moving from another area. If you are moving, please contact Council with your updated contact details.

Dog Registrations fall under two categories:

Standard Dog – A dog that is both desexed and microchipped

Non-Standard Dog – All other dogs

The Dog & Cat Management Board introduced Dog & Cat Reforms as of 1 July 2018 which requires ALL new generations of dogs and cats, (born after 1st July 2018) to be desexed and ALL dogs & cats over a certain age to be microchipped.

Any lost or found dog or dogs causing a nuisance, wandering at large or responsible for harassing, attacking or chasing should be reported to the Community Rangers staff immediately on 08 8721 0444.

For further information visit Good Dog SA.

Expiation fees will apply from 1 July 2018
  • Dangerous or prescribed breed $750
  • Failing to micro-chip dog $170
  • Any other case $170

The following information can be found on the Dog & Cat Board website:

Dog & Cat Board Exemptions

Dog & Cat Board - Micro chipping Older Dogs & Cats

Vet Information