Family Fun

Tenterden Reserve Skate Park & Playground

Located at Port MacDonnell on Sea Parade there is a free recreational facility which includes 'grinds and half pipe'.

Tarpeena Skate Park

Located at Tarpeena on Edward Street there is a small concrete park with 3 foot bowl with spine and hip opening onto a small street set up featuring a ledge and rail. The bowl is fun for a muck around.

Port MacDonnell Foreshore Play & BBQ Area

Along the foreshore, near the jetty, are toilets, playground, BBQ areas

Lions Park & BBQ Area

Located at Port MacDonnell on the corner of Sea Parade & Compton Streets (towards Cape Northumberland) there is a BBQ, shelter, swing for disabled, wheelchair access and toilet.

Little Hunter Playground

Located at Port MacDonnell on Sea Parade (on foreshore near Standish Street) there is BBQ, Shelter, playground and fitness course.

Tenterden Reserve

Located at Port MacDonnell on Sea Parade (near Bell Street and the boat ramp) there is a playground, Skate Park, BBQ, Shelter and parking.

  • Tenterden Reserve is named after the iron hull screw steamer that ran aground and stranded while coming into Port MacDonnell on December 23, 1893.  Until recently a part of the wrreck could be seen offshore when the sea was calm.
  • Breakwater (fishing), Offshore Angling Club, Boat Ramp, boat wash-down, and fish cleaning sites are also in this area.
  • The Breakwater protects the largest Southern Rock Lobster Fishing Fleet in South Australia and provides sheltred conditions for recreational water sports and fishing spots

Volunteer Park

Located at Port MacDonnell on the corner of Charles and Meylin Street (near the Port MacDonnell Community Complex) there is a BBQ and shelter.

Woolwash Playground & BBQ Area - Located at Port MacDonnell near the Woolwash swimming beach is a BBQ, playground and toilets.

Burrungule Park Paintball & Lasertag

Located between Mount Gambier and Millicent.

Echo Farm

Located on the edge of Mount Gambier. Experience life on a small Australian farm with displays from the 1890's to 1950's.  Interact with animals, big & small. Enjoy a picnic and some local produce.

Bike paths - Beautiful, changing, natural scenery for road cyclists from pine forests, national parks, ocean views to farming land with dairy cows and sheep.  Dedicated cycle paths exist in many townships including Port MacDonnell.

"The Tour of the Great South Coast" is held annually in August. The tours longest stage, a 136.7km trek is raced through the district and starts and finishes in Port MacDonnell.  Keep an eye on Council's Event Calendar.