Fishing & Coastal Activities

The majestic Southern Ocean holds an array of sea life including southern rock lobster, tuna, and abalone, with the edge of the continental shelf off our coast considered one of the best places to spot whales, dolphins, seals and seabirds.  A number of charter boat companies’ offer exclusive fishing or marine wildlife tours (links below).  The Port MacDonnell breakwater protects South Australia’s largest Rock Lobster Fishing Fleet and provides sheltered conditions for recreational water sports and fishing.

Donovans and the Glenelg River

Provide fishers with access to year round fishing and boating.  The Glenelg estuary entrance is always open to the sea with a deep-water channel, resulting in constant movement of fish.

FISHING: A fishing permit is not required in South Australia, however size, bag & boat limits apply.

BOATING: A licence is required to operate a motor boat in South Australia.

BOAT RAMPS: River and Coast


Eight Mile Creek Bird Hide

Surfing, Sailing and Swimming

Contact the Port MacDonnell Community Complex for information about the best spots.