Collection of Firewood

The cutting down and removal of any timber from roadsides, without the written permission of Council is strictly prohibited.  Please refer to Council’s “Collection of Firewood Policy.”  Please note that this policy is currently under review.

Applicants may collect fallen timber only for firewood (for personal use only) from certain Council roadsides by agreeing to the following Terms and Conditions.

In an effort to assist in the protection of sensitive native vegetation, certain restricted areas have been applied where collection of firewood is not permitted.  These areas are fully detailed in the following document.

Terms and Conditions

  1. Under no circumstances are you to cut down or remove any standing tree or limb irrespective of whether it is living or dead. No hollow logs are permitted to be cut, removed, or tampered with in any way.
  2. You are not permitted to enter any fenced area or private property to collect fallen timber.
  3. You are not permitted to collect fallen timber from any of the Council roads listed in Appendix A or any of the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure roads listed in Appendix B.
  4. Collection or cutting of fallen timber will not be permitted during the fire danger season or during any period which has been declared a Total Fire Ban.
  5. Firewood collection is for personal use only and is not to be sold or given to any other persons.
  6. You agree to indemnify and keep indemnified the District Council of Grant, its servants and agents and each of them from and against all actions, costs, claims, damages, charges and expenses whatsoever which may be brought or made or claimed against them or any of them arising out of or in relation to firewood collection.
  7. When parked on a roadside for the purpose of collecting and/or removing any fallen timber from the roadside, you will comply at all times with the Road Traffic Act 1961.
  8. The collection area is to be left in a neat and tidy condition.

Agree to the above Terms & Conditions