How Are My Rates Calculated?

All land within a Council area, except for land specifically exempt (eg Crown Land, Council occupied land and other land prescribed in the Local Government Act 1999 - refer section 147 of the Act) is rateable.

The Local Government Act provides for a Council to raise revenue for the broad purposes of the Council through a general rate, which applies to all rateable properties, or through differential general rates, which apply to classes of properties. The Council also raises revenue through fees and charges.

The Council adopted at its meeting held 15 June 2020.

  • Capital Valuations of the Valuer-General for rating purposes totalling $2,821,697,940.
  • General rate in the dollar of 0.3044 cents
  • Minimum rate of $610
  • Community Wastewater Management Scheme:
    • $610 per annum on all occupied land; and
    • Service Charge of $520 per annum on all vacant land
  • Mobile Garbage Bin Service Charge of $254