Mobile Food Businesses

The District Council of Grant recognises the value that mobile food businesses can bring to the community. The Council understands the need to provide a balanced and fair approach to mobile food business activities with respect to competition with permanent food businesses already established in the region, the opportunities afforded to small business owners and the benefits to the community and potential for increased tourism by permitting these activities in our region.

Council’s "Mobile Food Business Policy", which outlines the steps to be taken when applying for a Mobile Food Business permit, and Council’s process of assessing such applications, can be found here.

There are two types of Mobile Food Business Applications – those that will apply to activities on Council Land, and those that will apply to activities on Council Roads.

Mobile Food Businesses must also hold a Food Business Number, further information please go to Forms - Food Businesses

Any queries in relation to Mobile Food Businesses should be directed to Council’s Executive Support Governance.