Rural Property Addressing

The Rural Property Addressing (RPA) system allows emergency services, delivery drivers and visitors to easily find the entrance to a property.

This system has the support of the Country Fire ServiceState Emergency ServiceSA PoliceSA Ambulance Service, community groups and essential service providers. 

The number is the distance in metres from the start of the road to your entrance, divided by 10.  Odd numbers are on the left hand side of the road and even numbers are on the right hand side.  For example, if your address is 81 Airport Road, your entrance is 810 metres (0.81 kilometres) from the start of Airport Road and is on the left hand side.

Property owners are advised that occupied properties provided with an RPA number are required under the Local Government Act to display this address in the format provided by Council.   It is the responsibility of the property owner to ensure that the RPA sign is displayed in the correct location and in the correct format at all times.  In the event that a sign needs replacing, property owners are to contact Council to order a replacement sign as soon as possible.

Rural Road Maps can be found at and selecting "Grant".