Wastewater Systems

Properties in the District Council of Grant area have on-site wastewater systems to treat and dispose of wastewater from the home (eg. toilet, kitchen and laundry waste).  Unlike properties that connect into sewer systems, homes in the District Council of Grant area will have one of the following wastewater systems:-

Septic tank & trenches

    • Wastewater is treated by the septic tank then drained into underground trenches situated on the property.

Aerated wastewater treatment planet (AWTP)

    • Also known as an ‘aerated system’
    • Wastewater is treated to a higher level than a septic tank which allows for disposal of treated water above ground via sprinklers or dripper systems, generally on grass or plants situated on the property.

Community Wastewater Management System (CWMS)

    • Wastewater is treated by a septic tanks which is then connected into Council owned CWMS infrastructure, whereby wastewater is taken away (off-site) and treated by Council.
    • CWMS are situated in numerous Council townships; Port MacDonnell, Donovans, Pelican Point, Tarpeena, Cape Douglas and Allendale East.
    • Waste Water Industry Act 2012
      • Council is required under the Waste Water Industry Act 2012 to carry a licence to operate the CWMS.  The Water Retail Code-Minor & Intermediate Retailers, developed by the Essential Services Commission of SA (ESCOSA), contains a detailed description of your rights and Council's responsibilities in providing you with CWMS services and can be found at www.escosa.sa.gov.au. In addition, Council has also developed a CWMS Customer Charter which can be found.  The aim of Council's Charter is to provide effluent customers with a clear understanding of the standards of service they can expect from Council and their rights and responsibilities.

Installation of new Wastewater systems or alterations to existing systems

If a new house is being built on a property or alterations to the building are being conducted, which includes any changes to plumbing (eg. new ensuite), an ‘Application for an on-site wastewater works approval’ must be submitted to Council.  Approval must be sought before any works begin.

Different locations and different soil conditions may dictate what type of wastewater system needs to be installed, or if the property can be connected to a CWMS.

Additional information

Waste water systems are governed by the South Australian Public Health Act 2011, the South Australian Public Health (Wastewater) Regulations 2013and the On-site wastewater Systems Code2013.  Copies of the Code and additional information can be accessed from the Department of Health.

Application Forms

'Checklist and Application for an on-site wastewater works approval’ form can be found on Council's Forms under Forms - Planning & Development

Any enquiries on On-site Wastewater systems please call on 8721 0444 during business hours.