Making an Application

The majority of proposed developments in the District Council of Grant (ie building a shed, carport, dwelling, tourist/holiday accommodation) require a Development Application to be lodged with Council.

A Development Approval is also required, in some instances, for changes of Land Use, even if no building work is involved.  This would include (for example) starting up a home-based business, or using your residential property for business or commercial purposes.

Electricity can be extremely dangerous. To protect people and property, safe clearance distances between buildings and powerlines have been established in the  Electricity (General) Regulations 2012 . Unless applicants provide a declaration in the standard form as required, Council must refer all applications for building work to the Technical Regulator, and a referral fee of $160 will be required from the Applicant.

The current Development Act requirements for swimming pool safety must be met if a property being sold contains a swimming or spa pool.  Prior to the completion of sale of a property containing a swimming or spa pool, a Certificate of Compliance by a suitably licensed person, is to be supplied to the District Council of Grant by the current owner.

A development application is required for approval by Council for new swimming and spa pool installations to ensure compliance with the Development Act 1993, Development Regulations and The Building Code of Australia.  This includes both in-ground and some above-ground pools.  Swimming pools require Council approval where they hold more than 9000 litres of water or are more than 300mm in depth of water, or 680 litres for spas.  A suitable safety barrier is required if the pool (or spa) is capable of holding more than 300mm in depth of water.  The safety barrier also requires Council approval.

Further information and enquiries regarding requirements for specific applications can be directed to Council on 8721 0444 or the appropriate Manager.  Relevant forms and documents can be accessed at Forms - Planning & Development


Leith McEvoy, Director of Environmental Services

Trudy Glynn, Planning Officer


Nicole Dodds, Environmental Health Manager

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