Fire Permits & Restrictions

Residents are reminded that the Fire Danger Season is usually from 22 November through to 30 April each year, although these dates may be varied according to seasonal conditions. Permits will not be issued for burning during these dates except in exceptional or emergency circumstances.

Any enquiries for permits during the above period should be referred to Council or the Country Fire Services who may authorise the issue of a permit. Any application to Council will not be authorised without consultation with the CFS Group Officer from the area concerned.

Burning at times outside of the Fire Danger Season has recently changed for Townships within the Council area subject to the Environment Protection (Air Quality) Policy 2016. Burning of agricultural waste now requires a burning permit from Council. In assessing permit applications, Council’s Authorised Officers will use their discretion; all burning piles will be inspected prior to permits being authorised and taking into account the following criteria in determining whether a permit will be issued or not:

  • Bushfire risk of the area
  • Purpose of the proposed burning
  • Amount of material to be burnt
  • Fuel load present on adjoining properties
  • Properties in close proximity or adjoining reserves or national parks
  • Proximity and potential impact to neighbouring residents
  • Availability of other reasonable means to dispose of the vegetation
  • Legitimacy of the proposed burning (ie genuine fire hazard reduction or rubbish removal)
  • Nature of material to be burnt
  • Size of the allotment
  • Terrain of the allotment and locality
  • Accessibility to the allotment and area where the vegetation is to be burnt
  • Is the material declared and/or woody weeds
  • Is the material diseased plant material
  • Requirements of the Country Fire Service Broad Acre Burning Code of Practice
  • Requirements of the Country Fire Service Vegetation Pile Burning Code of Practice
  • Religious or Cultural purposes

Burning at times outside of the Fire Danger Season outside of township areas remains subject to restrictions under the Clear Air Regulations and therefore burning should only take place under the following circumstances:

  • When it is not a Fire Ban (total or partial)
  • Agricultural purposes
  • Recreational purposes, including barbecues and picnics
  • Bushfire prevention
  • Instruction in Fire Fighting

If you live INSIDE a township area you can only burn when it is for:

  • Preparation of food or beverages where the size of the fire and fuel are appropriate for that purpose
  • Heating an outdoor area using a brazier, chiminea or fire pit – charcoal only
  • Fire prevention or control (vegetation) – requires Council approval (permit or notice)
  • Disposal of agricultural or forestry waste (vegetation) – requires Council approval (permit or notice)
  • Other – requires Council approval (permit or notice)

An Application for Permit for Burning in the Open is available on the Forms page under 'Environment'

If you live OUTSIDE a township area, you can:

  • Use a fire for the preparation of food and beverages
  • Use a brazier, chiminea or fire pit for outdoor domestic heating
  • Campfire
  • Burn agricultural or forestry waste (vegetation) – must comply with the relevant CFS Code of Practice
  • Burn off for bushfire hazard reduction (vegetation) – must comply with relevant CFS Code of Practice

The burning of wood treated with Copper Chrome Arsenate (CCA) or other chemical preservatives is strictly prohibited.

Please contact your local South Australian CFS Group Officer or Council on (08) 8721 0444 if you require any further information.

Township Burning Policy is available on Council's Policies & By-Laws page