The Waterfront

The Waterfront

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Project Type

A major project, The Waterfront will redefine the Port MacDonnell foreshore as a tourism destination and above all will become a more attractive Place for People.

A result of the Port MacDonnell Urban Design Framework 2014, this project was voted by the community as the one with the highest priority in the township.

What is The Waterfront?

The Waterfront Project involves a co-ordinated re-development along Sea Parade, adjacent to the Port MacDonnell Jetty.  It will bring to life the foreshore space along Sea Parade by improving community facilities, providing linkages to other parts of the township, building cohesion with the recently upgraded jetty and creating an integrated space for people to enjoy.

At a total cost of $1,875m, it’s a significant project to be undertaken by the District Council of Grant and has been made possible by two successful funding applications through the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and Council’s 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 Annual Budgets.

The project has been divided into two stages.


The first stage of the project, which was completed in December 2018, included:

  • A new boardwalk
  • refurbished toilets
  • new vegetation
  • jetty plaza and information shelter
  • public art
  • upgraded car park

The second stage of the project will include:

  • Playground Redevelopment
  • Fitness Park
  • Redevelopment of the town entrance at Standish Street
  • General landscaping across the Stage 1 and Stage 2 spaces

Over the course of two years, Council has worked with the Allendale Area School on STEM projects relating to The Waterfront redevelopment. During 2018, Year 8 students worked on a playground design project as part of their maths and science classes to contribute to the overall concept design development for Stage 2. These are local students who will access and use the area regularly and Council wanted to obtain input from young people in the district in a meaningful and innovative way.

What will the project deliver?

A project such as this is a real game changer for Port MacDonnell and will transform and deliver new spaces the community can be proud of such as:

  • The Waterfront being regarded as a regional foreshore attraction
  • A space that increases usage, is safe, accessible to all, and adds to the visual appeal and beautification of the area
  • Seaside landscaping building on the strengths of the town
  • A visually appealing and improved foreshore with a plaza, boardwalk and car parking that encourages celebrations, festivals, community and regional events and connects to existing infrastructure
  • A space that appeals to all cohorts within the community
  • Positive health benefits, through physical outdoor activity and connectedness, cycling and walking along the connected pathway
  • Educational experiences on the foreshore environment through interpretive signage
  • A plaza and seating with the intent of building social capital and increasing positive mental health benefits for community members
  • New public art
  • Economic and business development in the area through increased tourism experiences.

Over time, The Waterfront will be integrated with other projects managed by Council that are listed within the Port MacDonnell Urban Design Framework 2014.

What are the benefits that the project will deliver?

The Waterfront Project offers a multitude of benefits that are economic, social, environmental and physical.

Economic benefits stem from the attraction of more visitors and residents to the area, increasing revenue for business and improving land values.

Socially the project has been planned as a place for people of all ages with the intention of improving community and social participation and cohesion by encouraging people to enjoy the outdoor space.

The Waterfront will regenerate and beautify the foreshore and township, adding value and providing infrastructure that is developed and remains over time.


Following a period of public consultation, the concept designs will be finalised and detailed design documentation will be developed to allow and tender and procurement process to be undertaken.  It is envisaged at this stage that construction works will commence in the first quarter of the 2020, with the project to be completed by the end of 2020.

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