Caves & Sinkholes

Some of the Limestone Coast’s most unforgettable visitor experiences are hidden from sight. Deep below the rich volcanic earth lies a spectacular labyrinth of caves created over thousands of years by the constant slow drip of rainwater filtering through porous limestone.

Allendale East Sinkhole

Legend has it that the cave in the middle of the road at Allendale East was found when it opened up and swallowed a horse and cart over a century ago.  Once used as a watering hole for Bullock Teams, divers regularly explore a 35 metre underground system while cars travel unaware overhead.

Little Blue Lake

The Little Blue Lake is one of the many water filled sinkholes which provide a "window" into the underground water system and a cool swim for experienced swimmers.

Piccaninnie Ponds Conservation Park- Karst Wetlands Ramsar Site 

Ewens Ponds Conservation Park

Kilsby Sinkhole

Caroline Sinkhole

Located in Penambol Conservation Park and nearby Hells Hole.

It is suggested you contact a reputable dive tour company such as Reef2Ridge if planning to discover our caves and sinkholes on your visit.