Fire Prevention

Under the Fire and Emergency Services Act 2005, Council has an obligation to undertake Fire Prevention measures within its area.

Council is now guided by the Limestone Coast Bushfire Management Committee (LCBMC) who sat for the first time in August 2010. The LCBMC is part of the new two tiered approach, with the State Bushfire Coordination Committee (SBCC) having the legislative responsibility for bushfire management planning in South Australia. Bushfire Management Area Plans will replace the old District Bushfire Prevention Plans.

Each year during the months of October and November, depending on seasonal conditions, properties are assessed for compliance against the Fire and Emergency Services Act and Regulations. If a property needs attention a notice will be issued giving the property owner direction on the requirements. If this notice is not complied with, Council may slash the allotment and/or arrange for a contractor to carry out the work, with the owner being on-charged any associated costs. In addition, an expiation notice may be issued for non-compliance of the Act.

Owners and occupiers may also receive notice when it is considered that other fire hazards exist on their property.

Landholders are asked to keep their property clean and free from fire hazards at all times of the year, and particularly during the fire danger season. Please remember that bushfire prevention is an obligation, not an option.